Comtran Corporation:
Telephone Cables
Network Cables
Fire Alarm & Security Cables
Electronic Cables
Special Copper Cables

Superior Modular Products:
Copper and Fiber Connectivity
Data Center Solutions
Workstation Connectivity
Cabinets and Cable Management
Multi Dwelling and Home Connectivity

Cable Management
Rack Shelves
Thermal Management

Industrial Process Heat
Heat Transfer Systems
Optical Cable Corporation:
Fiber Optic Cables (voice, video, data)
LANS/WANS Connectivity
Office/Automotive Cables/Security
Telephony, Fiber to the Home,
CATV Municipal/IMSA Cables

MinuteMan Power Technologies:
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Systems 300VA to 18kVA Power Protection
Protection for: Computer Rooms, Data Centers, and VOIP Systems.
Mission Critical Electronic Equipment
LCD Monitors, KVM Products
Power Distribution Units

Advanced Digital Cable:
PVC and Plenum Coax CATV & CCTV
Satellite and Precision Video Cables
IMSA Cables
Twinaxial Cables